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Get value parameter null in controller


Hello frnds, I have integrated my modules in latest weapsy cms code. The problem i am facing is i have kept same gridview for listing as weapsy developers have already used. But when i click in the "Edit" link of grid's row it call's my controllers method but that method's input parameter is receiving null value which is not what i need. i want that controller method parameter with value injected in it. Let me tell you i am binding an ID parameter with EDIT link in grid. And my ID parameter datatype is "long" and then i convert it into string but controller method is getting null value when EDIT link is pressed. How to resolve this? please help me.

Thanx in advance!!


lucacb wrote Aug 25, 2012 at 12:16 PM

can you post your code?
I need to view your view/controller to understand what's wrong.